Are you looking for an affordable online store to buy safely? I can show it! Or better still, I can advice you more online stores with a lot of products and low price!

All this site able to pay with different method of payment, I prefer use Paypal, it's very safely!

I bought from every site indicated here:


It's a wonderful and simple store online in which there are a lot of products of different kind! Here i bought dresses, shoes, t-shirt and hats! The products arrived to you into a package close very well! Prices are cheap and products cute and good! The communication with staff is very quick and easy, the staff is very kind! About the payment I can ensure that is very simply! One of the best strenghts of this store is the free shipping! There is free shipping on every product!
In the end, you can have points for discount on the next purchase! Great!



I like so much this e-commerce because made a lot of offers and a good communication, in particolar with email and social network (for example Facebook). This online store sells products of different category, but It focused mush on wear (for woman, man, girls, guys and child). Also for this site you can find great kindness and efficiency. The product are arrived in perfect conditions, the package is very secure! It's more affordable! Also here there are cheap prices but there also shipping fees.



This site it focused in particular on apparel, it's sells only wear products and accessories (for example hats and bags) and I think that ist products are very fantastic! I bought from it some bags and an wallet, I'm very happy of them, they're very wonderful! The communication is perfect, staff reply fastely and it's very kind! The package are made very well, perfect to protect the product for a long travel. The prices are cheap but there are shipping fees.



I love Yesstyle for its products! In particular I love its dresses, shirts and skirts! The prices are a little bit more high than of previous site, but I can ensure you that the prices are right for the product selled! I'm very satisfied, I found many product with the style which I like, I advice you to visit! Yesstyle sells apparel products and accessories, but also jewellery and lifestyle products. The communication is simply and efficient, the package are perfect! Also the payment is very easy! I like also the kind of communication made by this site on facebook, I find a lot of offers!




There is all on Aliexpress! Each things existing on the world is on Aliexpress! This e-commerce sells an infinite number of products of each gender! It's incredible! And the best things is that all prices are very cheap and there are not shipping fees! It's very wonderful! A dream! The communication with staff is immediate, fast and quickly! The package are good to protect the item and there are so much products that you can find surely the perfect item for you! Also the payament is very simply! I advice to visit it!



Who does not know Ebay? But I write it here because you can find and super cute dress, shorts, hats, skirt, shoes with super cheap price in a simple way: writing the word "Korean" followed by "dress", "shorts", "hats", "skirts" or something which you search, your result research will be a list of item with very cheap prices!



In these sites you can find a lot of cute and fashion dress!

Good shopping to everyone :)

Funny and Cheap - Shopping online
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